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The Project Portfolio Office (PPO) forms the foundation of any project delivery organism. And just like any living organism, any defects in its creation will impair its potential effectiveness to develop and manage the structures required as a key interface between the board and the operations of an organisation.

In essence, the PPO consists of two main parts:

The key is to create and continually develop an organism that is not only fit for purpose at inception, but continues to remain relevant and capable to support the organisation’s changing strategic goals by evolving as needed.

Menghrani GmbH’s strength is not only in understanding the anatomy of the PPO, but taking a holistic approach in defining how the organism needs to develop. The result is delivered value to the organisation through controlled project and program delivery, accompanied by fully integrated supporting structures and interfaces.

Once in place, the effectiveness and survival of the Project Portfolio Office (PPO) is dependent on how well it adapts and evolves to changes in its environment. Using the “Transformation through perpetual evolution” approach, a simple but effective roadmap can periodically assess the maturity of the PPO as well as defining structures for the desired state for key components such as:

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