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Menghrani GmbH’s global experience with multi-year Organizational Change Management and Transformation programmes has resulted in supporting organizations through the key stages of transition and transformation.

Successful digital transformations continually deliver breakthrough value whilst establishing the culture needed to reinforce the new norm. They tend to have the following qualities in common:


The Challenge of transformation

Without a transformation of the core—the value proposition, people, processes, and technologies that are the lifeblood of the business—any digital initiative is likely to be a short-term fix. The legacy organization will inevitably exert a gravitational pull that drives a reversion to established practices. Reinvention of a business is, by its nature, bold. But it’s one thing to be bold; it’s another to be thoughtfully bold.

Transformations at the core need decisions to be taken by the CEO and the executive team at each of the main four phases of a successful digital transformation program:

By leveraging extensive industry knowledge in combination with an independent mindset, Menghrani GmbH guides its clients through the complex processes of realising their digital transformations.

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